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  • Create and Share Adventures
  • Survey the Terrain
  • Geotag Photos
  • Transfer Satellite Images

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Software Information

  • Version: 4.6.3
  • Author: Garmin
  • Latest Update: 2016

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Garmin BaseCamp


Garmin BaseCamp comes fully packed with new features as an evolutionary replacement for the old discontinued MapSource. Basecamp picked up where MapSource left off, taking full advantage of advanced features only available with never Garmin GPSr devices, while still giving full support for older devices.

Features Included:

  • Transfer data to and from your compatible Garmin GPS device.
  • Download and view BirdsEye™ satellite imagery.
  • Create, view, and edit waypoints, routes, and tracks.
  • Organize saved waypoints, routes, tracks, geocaches, and pictures.
  • Find geocaches, addresses, and Points of Interest (POIs) included in your detailed map data.
  • View map data in 2D and 3D.
  • View topographical information included in your detailed map data.
  • Geotag photos with geographical location information.
  • Upload photos to Picasa™ Web Albums.
  • Print detailed topographical maps, Public Land Survey (PLS) quads, and multi-page poster maps.
  • Import and view Garmin Custom Maps.
  • Download available firmware updates for your compatible Garmin device.
  • Install maps on your compatible Garmin device.
  • Download, create, and share Garmin Adventures.
  • Use BaseStation to track contacts or dogs in real-time on the map.

Supported Map Types:

  • IMG (*.img) Proprietary Garmin vector map
  • KMZ (*.kmz) User created raster map (not locked to device)
  • JNX (*.jnx) Garmin BirdsEye high resolution satellite raster map imagery (locked to specific device)
  • GPX (*.gpx) GPs eXchange format is a universal open source XML data format used for waypoints, routes, and tracks

Download Garmin BaseCamp

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System Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows 10, Windows 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP

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